Yenchin Lai is a PhD candidate at the University of Bremen of Germany in Digital Media Lab. She is a part of the Graduate School “Empowering Digital Media” funded by Klaus Tschira Foundation. Yenchin's research interests are in the field of Human-computer interacion (HCI). With her previous education in Geist project at Keio Media Design of Japan, she continues her work on Affective Computing and Everyday Interaction. Before she started her research life in HCI, she recieved her Bachelor's degree in Human Development and Family Studies at National Taiwan Normal University of Taiwan. She is also a language enthusiast who speaks English, Chinese and Japanese fluently. She is currently learning French and German. During her spare time, she loves playing Nintendo Games, especially The Legend of Zelda.

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Master's Project: Zanshin

Understanding Face Gestures with a User-Centered Approach

Blog: Kind of Music (2011-2017)

Sound Design (2010-2012)

Eyewear to Make Me Smile

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